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Default a brief description of the texas method

Intermediate Program/Size and Strength Focused Program

High Volume and Moderate Intensity
ie. 5 work sets of 5 across
Assistance work

Low Volume and Low Intensity
ie. 2 or 3 lighter sets of 5 @ ≈80% of 5RM
or 2 or 3 heavy sets, 3-5 reps of an accessory exercise (standing press, front squat, etc.)
Light assistance work

Low Volume and High Intensity
ie. Maxes or new PRs with heavy singles, doubles, triples, or 1 max set of 5. Sets ramped or across.
Speed Sets of high sets and low reps with short rest (Template 4 has examples for incorporating Speed Sets)
Assistance work

Template Example

Monday [High Volume/Moderate Intensity]
Squat 5X5
Bench Press 5X5
Power Clean 5X3 (or Bentover BB Row 3x8)

[Low Volume/Low Intensity]
Front Squat 3X3
Press 3X3
Back Extension/GHR 5x10
Chin ups 3x12

[Low Volume/High Intensity]
Squat 1X5
Bench Press 1X5
or 5X3
or 5X2
or 5X1
Deadlift 1X5

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