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strengthseeker is off to a good startstrengthseeker is off to a good startstrengthseeker is off to a good startstrengthseeker is off to a good start
Default one year with the TEXAS METHOD


30 Years old
18-20% body fat


Trained as an upper body jockey for 10 years. Two years ago learned about STARTING STRENGTH and realized i was a beginner. I wasted 10 years. I used SS for 7 months. Tried MADCOW and burnt out quickly. Combination of starting to high of weight and recovering from fridays heavy triple to mondays top set of 5. My fault, but i'd like to see how i feel on TEXAS.


squat - 295lbs x 3 reps (last rep half squat/goodmorning)
bench - 205lbs x 5, 225lbs x 2
deadlift - 315 x 5, 335 x 1
pushpress - 135 x 5
pendley row - 165 x 5
chinups/pullups - sometimes 6, sometimes 10, mood dependent lift for me

GOALS (in one year from now)

squat - 365
bench - 245-265
deadlift - 405
pushpress - 185
pendley row - 205
chinups/pullups - bodyweight and 45lbs for 10 reps+

*I intend to log my lifts weekly as to prevent clutter and keep things cleaner.
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