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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
We understand. I know how hard you work and the expectations you have for yourself. One thing I know about Max Misch is that he will overcome all obstacles because he does not accept failure.
Thanks for the continued support, Steve. That goes for all the rest of you guys over here. It's a sharp contrast from all the negativity I've received over the years.

Here is the meet write-up:

WNPF Powerlifting Meet
Bordentown, NJ

I always made weight the morning of the meet, but decided to try to do it different this time. That didn't matter because I missed early weigh-ins, the evening before the competition, so I used my scale in the hotel room and weighed myself periodically that night, while eating and drinking. When I went to bed, I was 166.4lbs. Upon getting out of bed and urinating, I was 165.0. I felt good because that's exactly where I needed to be. As it turned out, that feeling was premature and soon changed to panic when I was forced to cut almost 2lbs in approximately 40-45 minutes. Unbeknownst to me, my scale was 2lbs lighter than the WNPF scale. In a mad dash to make weight only minutes before weigh-ins ended, I ran to my hotel room down the hall from the weigh-in room, and then sweat, spit, and pissed my way from 167.0 to 165.25 only 1-2 minutes before they ended weigh-ins.

400 - Good Lift
425 - No Lift (Depth)
450 - Good Lift (5lb PR)

^ I was surprised when I didn't get credit for the 425 because it felt deep enough, and then I watched it on my camera and it looked like I went down to sufficient depth too. Regardless, I told them that I was attempting 450 after that. I got that 450 (a 5lb PR including my lifts from both the meets and the gym) without a problem, possibly good for 5-10 more pounds.

Bench Press
235 - Good Lift
255 - No Lift
255 - No Lift

^ The 235 felt relatively easy, but then I failed 255 twice, just short of finishing both times, especially the first attempt with it. This was very disappointing because 235, my opener, was 10lbs below my meet PR of 245 in May, along with the fact that I did 5 paused singles with 255 in training, and one paused single with 260 too.

525 - Good Lift
565 - No Lift
565 - No Lift

^ My deadlift warm-ups were rushed toward the end because the previous flight went quicker than I thought. I did 405 and 408 in the warm-up room, but skipped 445. Also, as a result, I pulled the 525 opener probably within 1-2 minutes after the 485. This type of problem hadn't occurred since two years prior, in a WNPF meet from December 2009, during the squat warm-up. It was partly due to the fact that some of the guys in the following flight were starting their warm-ups earlier than they should've.

- The 525 opener was smoked and I was feeling good about 565. However, things went downhill some more after the bench press. I proceeded to fail 565 very close to the end, then got even closer when I tried it again. The 3rd attempt was ridiculously near lockout.

-- My total was 1210, 30lbs lower than my previous best in May. I probably got first place in the Open 165 Raw division, but I was still very disappointed and frustrated with my performance. This won't happen again. I'm going to be more conservative with my attempts, ensuring that I secure 5lb PRs for all three lifts, possibly more after that, depending on how I feel.

RPS - Open 165 Raw - 07.13.13
1365 Elite/Pro Total (475,300,590)

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