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vcjha is off to a bad start

Really hectic schedule now that it's December. Work has really picked up so at times and family has been really adamant about spending time. So, upper body was done on Friday, and I really wasn't paying attention and did dumbbell bench press first. Felt pretty solid, especially now going with full range, I ended up doing 85 lb in each hand, 5 reps for 2 sets. After I finished my last set, I realized I had to do deadlifts next. Really suffered as I ended up only being able to do 225 lb 5 reps for 2 sets. Even worse was bb rows next, which I now realized was supposed to be pull-ups. Ended up only doing 155 on the rows this time for 7 reps on each set when I normally do 175. Next was shoulder press, and 70's felt heavy today only being able to do 5 reps for 2 sets. Last of course was dips, and this time I couldn't even finish at 80 lb for 3 reps. I had to bump back down to 70 lb which I only was able to do for 7 reps at 2 sets. I switched to two sets and am probably going to stay there because I have a tendency to go to full failure, meaning I won't stop til I literally can't lift the weight up anymore, using proper form. Oh yeah, curls felt strong though, at 70 lb for two sets, FINALLY at 7 reps. I don't swing at all doing curls, but I feel like if I did, I could probably hit biceps better. I lay Sat's leg workout tomorrow. Too tired today
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