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Originally Posted by Rich Knapp View Post
A few months ago I hurt it doing Reverse Grip Bench Presses and it gave me problems but it finally gave out so I have to nurse it back.

I have to remember to lift were its comfortable even if it not perfect form do to all the internal damage from accidents (non lifting related) and genetic problems I have.

Makes sense, have to go with the flow.

I still preach and teach perfect form I just personally may have to go away from it here and there on lifts to prevent a bad injury. Under the skin my body is a mess. lol

But you're still kicking butt and in much better shape than a lot of "healthy" guys.

This isn't anything uncommon for a wheelchair lifter Power or BBing.
I can understand with the injury not being lifting related; with TOS and a previous bike accident continually rearing their ugly heads, I have to modify or avoid certain exercises as well.
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