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vcjha is off to a bad start

I apologize for long inactivity. But I got sick during my visit to Florida(apparently I got the memo too late that Flo is full of allergens). It intensified to a burning chest cough along with a bloody nose, but today was my first workout back. Yep, I had to skip legs. Along with more thinking, I decided to analyze my lifting deeper, and here's the truth why I've been plateauing: my range of motion is horrible. It's been responsible for some of my failed sets. The second I go below parallel, I can't do another rep. Weights have dropped back down due to the break but I'm sure they'll ramp back up soon.

Deadlifts 255 for 5 reps, Incline Bench Press 80 in each hand for 6 reps. Rows was horrible today after trying to do proper form. My back was nearly straight when doing them in the past. After trying proper form, my ego is hurt realizing I have to go back to 45's on each side. My shoulder press gets so weak after going through all those exercises, but 65's in each hand, for 7 reps. Finally CG bench press went a bit down but still pretty good at 6 reps for 175. Each exercise is still done for 3 sets. I'm thinking about switching deadlift back to lower day but the thought of deadlifting after squatting is a nightmare to me since in the past I could say my leg pain was equal to when I did squats previously during that workout.
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