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Originally Posted by kitarpyar View Post
No experience with any of this stuff. But last year, I was looking for some amino acid from Scivation and the lady at the GNC heard me wrong and thought I was asking for some kind of a test booster.

She started lecturing me about how young men have no business dabbling with test boosters since they dont derive much benefit and they are best left to the 40+ lifters (for whom, apparently, they are very useful - she attested that her 45 year old husband found the test boosters extremely useful, but advised a 20-something me to stay away from them).

As to the effectiveness of supps, this year is an interesting experiment for me - I am completely off supps (even not taking any protein shakes). Let me see if I can still make decent gains with just food and basic lifts.
I think she is confusing it with PH's. What she said would apply to PH's but not a natural test booster. Key words = natural test booster. This boosts your natural levels...not giving you synthetic means of test.

I'll come clean now and let you guys know that I have my 15yr old son on a natural test booster. He's making gains, but I have no fear of it messing up his system AT ALL! He's been forgetting to take them on his second bottle, but he is still making gains. He's gone up 30 lbs on his bench since the beginning of this school year. But really I think he probably would have despite the test booster.

Now having said that. Placebos have their place in this world. And I think Natty test boosters are both slightly effective and very placebo for some. If that's what works for you then go with it. I never told my son of me having doubts about them.
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