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fqqs is off to a bad start

thank you for quick anwsers.

i need to bulk. im fairly ecto so im conservative about volume and frequency. dont know if its good or bad. my diet is in check of course.

sets are straight sets. fro example 1st workout 80kgx6,6,5,4 2nd workout 80kgx6,6,6,6 (up weight) 82kgx6,5,5,4 etc . simply progressing with reps until all planed reps are done with good form, and then add weight next workout. i have some microplates so i think it will help me to make smoother progress.

i also wonder about quite low volume / low reps. but i also noticed that weights are quickly going down when doing high reps. and many people claim that heavy weight, low rep are the only way for a natural bulk



deadlifts 4x6
pullups weighted 3x5
row 4x6
curls 4x6,8,10,12
db crunches 3x15


military press 4x6
heavy dips 4x6
inc db press 3x6
skullcrushers 4x8,10,12,14


front squat oly grip 5x5
bulgarian split squat 4x10
leg curls 3x10
hanging leg raises 3x12

would be ok?
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