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Your goal is to gain somewhere around 30 lbs of muscle and lose some bodyfat. Your current routine revolves around arms, chest, and abs. It is going to be very difficult to gain 30 lbs of muscle in your chest and arms. It will be much easier to gain 30 lbs of muscle throughout your entire body, and enlarging your back, shoulders and legs has the biggest visual impact; think about guys like the Rock or John Cena without their big backs and shoulders. The back and legs are the biggest muscles in the body and will make you look so much more impressive when built up. They are also responsible for a lot of strength and will make you more than just somebody that looks good, you'll also be functional. Lastly, working these big muscles tends to get the whole body growing (including arms) through the massive growth signal they send to the system. So what I'm saying is, if you really and truly want to build some muscle, and make the whole process easier, get ready to work the back and the legs along with your chest, abs, and arms. Any good routine we will suggest will be including things like squats, deadlifts, and rows to work these areas. Embrace it...Learn to love it...

Also, you metion protein powders like they will make a visual difference to your body when taking them. Protein powder is like powdered steak, it's just food with a high protein content. Taking protein powders will make no more visual difference than just eating eggs and meat. But, protein powders can make it easier to get your protein requirements for the day. They also help when trying to reduce fat because they are lower in calories than steak and egss and other protein sources. Just think of protein powders as food.

Now about the running. Running is a fine conditioning exercise as long as you don't go overboard with it. A lot of running signals the body to be conservative with energy, and that's the opposite of what you want if you are trying to build muscle. If you are weight training and running long distances then you are asking your body to do things that are total opposites and you will end up with mediocre results from both. If you are really set on running then by all means keep doing it. Otherwise we can suggest other conditioning exercises that better fit a muscle building goal.

I am sure you will get a ton of different routines to think about, diets ideas to mull over, and differing opinions on what will work best for you. Just remember that focussing on big exercises that allow big strength gains will have the fastest and biggest impact. Also remember that when you start out, simple is better. You want to start simple because you'll have to get more complicated as you progress and if you start out with something complicated there is no room to move up.

Lastly, you are lucky to be on this forum and asking your questions. This forum is full of guys that WILL NOT STEER YOU WRONG by giving you advice that isn't appropriate for your level of training. You are about to start on a great and fun journey, I'm almost a little jealous thinking about the fast progress you are about to make.
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