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Zach is off to a bad start

Ha my abs come and go. one day i can see the top ones and the next ya can't. and i guess im more lean but have that little lower section of lose skin over my lower abs that want go away.

And daily diet right now consists of:

Breakfast: consists of my own made up protein shake.
-carnation breakfast mix
-big spoon of peanut butter
-skim milk
-3 egg whites

Lunch- pretty nasty but high in protein
-chicken breast
-3 egg whites and one full egg

Supper- usually a salad
-egg whites
-mustard for the dressing

As my workout goes is usually all free weights. I'll go arms monday, then chest and midsection tues. then arms wednesday, so on and so forth. Haven't really worked on legs much I am starting to do more. I do run every afternoon that I am able to at least 2 miles. and right after my workout I eat a 30gram protein bar.

Hope that answers the questions lol
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