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Default Trying to get in better shape..

Hi name is Zach, I am very new to this forum and was recommended to start up a thread here and tell everyone where I am and what my goals are so here it goes.

I am 19 years old soon to be 20 in Feb. I started to workout oh about a year and 9 months ago. I started out at 190lbs at 5'7 never really thought about working out and getting into shape before. Always been the chubby little kid until one day I decided to change that. At first I really didn't know much about working out, I just wanted to be skinnier. So I started running everyday and changed my diet dramatically. Kept running for about a month or so and was seeing nice results in weight loss and started to get into lifting more. Nothing major just wanting to get in better shape. Well I stayed at it for around 9 months straight and was down to 136lbs. Then started dating this crazy girl and wasn't really able to do it much anymore. I stayed around the same weight and did workout some but nothing like I was. Left her around the end of this past October and started to workout again like I had been before. I am at 148lbs and my goal is to be around 160lbs by the end of June and completely cut up. Not crazy big but more of a athletic body type. I workout Monday thru Friday and rest on the weekends. As of now I eat high protein meals and after my workouts I do eat a high protein bar because I truly haven't figured out what supplements I should take for what I am wanting to accomplish. Before I was taking the GNC brand protein but wasn't seeing the results I was wanting. I am just looking for some good advice to help me reach my goal.

And sorry for the huge life long story I just figured it would be a good thing to tell about so that everyone knows my story and has a clear understanding of where I started and where I am now.

Thanks Zach
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