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Originally Posted by Chillen View Post
Its about applying some practical common sense; for example: When doing rows (say bent over BB rows, traditional style): Which exhausts first? The upper back (which is a larger muscle) or the tinie-weenie bicep in the execution of the movement? Now, its true, the biceps (will of course) get stronger as time and progression moves on, but in the mean time, the muscle in the back isn't being much as it could be, if the bicep was stronger. Why wait--while the back isnt being worked like it could be (in this example I am giving). Apply som direct work, and having a stronger bicep is nearly never wrong, in bent over rows, in my opinion.
But, this is my point, I cannot do chins (just not medically viable) therefore common sense dictates that curls and/or other exercises that I can do are my remaining options.

I have no issues with people suggesting compounds such as chin-ups as the better exercise, if a person is able to do them, but to suggest that curls shouldn't be done until chin-ups can be accomplished is like throwing out the baby with the bath water.

We're not all fit/healthy enough to be able to do chin-ups, so curls have to suffice, in that instance.
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