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Default An Open Ltter To All My Brother's & Sister's

Tonight I want to share with all of you a little bit of my history and why I lift.

Both my parents became raging alcoholics after I was born. My father, who died in 2005, never recognized me as his son. He accused my mom of cheating when I was conceived. in 2000, he even refused to recognize a DNA test result proving he was my dad.The mental abuse that followed me throughout my childhood and adulthood has never been dealt with, until now. This is why I am seeing a psychologist now. It is time for me to find a way to forgive him and thus begin the healing process.

When I was in my early 20’s, I began my lifting career. I now realize I turned to lifting as a way of dealing with this issue. I never did want to talk about it, until now that is. The iron was always honest with me. This is a big part of my treatment, to be able to talk about it. For this reason, I am sharing my story with all of you. I also wanted to get into shape to boost my self-confidence and self esteem. In my late 20’s, I finally met my wife, Licia. As you may may know, we met at the gym, and you guessed it, I asked her out while I was squatting.

The bond I have with lifting will never be severed. I am so emotional about my lifting for these reasons.

Recently, I have also been having many stress related problems at work. I have been micromanaged to death. I have now associated the mental abuse there with my father, according to the psychologist. I was really close to a complete meltdown. The only thing that has kept me going is my lifting and all my lifting brothers, who have shown time and time again how much they care about the one thing, besides my family, that means the most to me. I couldn’t find the will to quit my job, as I have too much debt, a family to support, and a severe lack of self-confidence. Back to the good old days in many ways. I feel this has spilled over into my lifting in some ways as I am never confident I can lift a heavy weight, despite being capable of doing it.

This past weekend, I had an opportunity to have a great visit with my uncle regarding this issue. He was unaware of the mental abuse and the fact dad did not recognize me as his son. He is not only going to help me, but my whole family. He is going to pay for any job retraining I desire, and if necessary, support my family if I need to leave my job suddenly. He also is going to pay for my 13 y/o daughters’ post secondary education – any career she wants. He is also going to pay for my psychologist visits for as long as it takes for me to get better. He is also going to pay off all of my debts. He is basically giving me a new lease on life and a fresh stress-free start. He is really one of the most generous people on the planet. He has donated millions of dollars over the years to many charities and the University of Calgary.

My uncle cares. All of you care. My family cares. This is going to give me the tools to heal. All my brothers have given me the strength to not only lift, but to finally seek some peace in my life.
My Favorite Part Of Lifting Is Having The Opportunity
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Age 50
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