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Sten is off to a bad start

Here you are what I came up with.

Meal 1
2 scrambled eggs (195cal)
2 toasts (110cal)
8 oz glass of natural juice (~150cal)
Avg. Cal: 455cal

Meal 2
Slice of pineapple (50cal)
***** I need some help here. what else ?
Avg. Cal:

Meal 3
White rice (403cal)
Steak (300cal)
8 oz glass of natural juice (150cal)
Avg. Cal: 933cal

Meal 4
3 Turkey + light mozzarella sandwich (light bread) (462cal)
Milk (120cal)
Avg. Cal: 582cal

***WORK OUT***

Right after- 17oz chocolate milk (340cal)

Meal 5 (1hr later)
whey protein shake with milk (240cal)
Pasta (330cal)
Tuna / chicken (290cal/200cal)
Avg. Cal: 816cal

Before bed
Milk (240cal)
Fruits ?
Eggs ?

TOTAL: 3336cal

This is the general routine that I will try to adapt the calorie consumption to whatever approach I decide to follow. What do you think of that ?

1. You shouldn't eat carbs after 6pm. True or false ?
2. Any preference on the kind of milk ?
3. Do never use the smith machine. Use dumbbels instead. True or false ?
4. Considering the 'zig-zag' approach, should I eat on maintance level even if I am doing aerobics that day ? What about the whey shake ? Should I take it after aerobics ?
5. I am not familiar with that nomenclature: "Deadlift 2-5 x 5-15". I mean, when you say "Deadlift 1 x 5-15", I assume that I am supposed to perform as many reps as possible. But when the number of sets varies as well, how am I supposed to determine how many reps/sets I should do ?

Thank you for your patience !!
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