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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
That's some pretty impressive pressing. For how many workouts have you been stalled here?
Hey, BTB, sorry for the late reply. Wedding lasted the whole day and night....on Black Friday Why thank you. I should probably shoot a video sometime when I get my new phone in April, but I could say form could improve as I know my range of motion is pretty wide, although I stop as soon as my triceps are parallel to the ground. I will say that I do standing BB shoulder press with very good form(I haven't done sitting in a while now due to the fact I feel more "alpha" when I do standing compared to sitting) but I probably can only do 5 reps at 145 lb for two sets.

I also have to say that my forearms are a bit slanted during the whole movement and could be more straight(also the fact I've tweaked both shoulders and now they're rounded). But yes, I see that it's a good achievement. I've been stuck for about three weeks now, and prior to when I got on your routine, I was working out everyday for about three weeks to compensate working each bodypart twice a week at only two bodyparts per workout.
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