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piatraelfa is off to a bad start

Some guys I know stay on 1,500 mg of TE all the year round and their medical tests are just fine, believe it or not, while some people react negatively just from small dosages.
From what I see, it's not the steroids that damage the most the body, as the combination of extreme diet + extreme effort+ 3-4% bf + diuretics.
Just take a look at the guys from the IFBB Amateurs Worlds and you will see what I mean...

Still, I can't say that I am against steroids, even though I haven't "touched" anything in my life. The problem is not the usage, as it is the abuse. I mean... come on, low dosages can even be healthy, but just until you get to a point.

However, I think that steroids are not the main thing responsible of the imagine of the bodybuilding. Not at all. It's POLITICS. Unfortunately this happens in every sport, and not just in bodybuilding...
I will talk more on this later.
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