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A little late, but for the back off sets that have been mentioned a few days ago, Facz is spot on with the heavy single followed by doubles and triples. The single gets the body used to hadling heavier weight and in a way demonstrates strength. The down sets push that strength - low reps are used because they are easy to recover from and much easier to maintain form (strength is a skill, practice good reps, not shitty ones). The strength is pushed by the total volume of the down sets... quite a bit with fairly high intensity.

With that in mind, going back to that example I posted of the daily max x1, down 3x3, down 3x1, up to heavier 3x3... This concept will benefit those basing their lifts off of a daily max. Remember this is an easy-heavy lift, no pump up, no grinding - walk up to bar, lift is fast and fluid, rack. While it isn't, you can think of the daily max and the first bunch of triples as a warm up of sorts... sets a grove for the body and will allow better performance on a heavier 3x3. While not using this exact "template," Pendlay and Broz have frequently seen lifters have their doubles and triples come close to or match the weight of their daily max single as the body and mind "get with the program."

If weight is more linear and based less off of a daily max, the example above or something similiar wouldn't work as well... The top singles and initial downsets would more than likely already be much closer to the true 1RM which means the body is already pushing it in addition to the greater amounts of fatigue.

Me personally... I don't use a daily for my main (3x week) work and the down and back up has proven useless. With my single and work sets being closer to my 1rm, just to much energy... I also lift in 5's which are more depleting than 3's.

Steve for this template above, think it could work, obviously assuming intensity is worked into over a period of time. That OR a few days are pushed and the others are left as lighter days... then slowly pushed after mucho time. Progression is also simple and straight forward. Could work pretty well as long as the lifter doesn't dive in headfirst.

I'd be a little hesitant with the upper body work though. Im my experience (although brief) with daily upper pressing and just reading that of others, the shoulders just don't handle the volume well when using the same lifts. I'd replace one or two of the days with another variation... possibly one that is even lighter OR one that takes some volume off the shoulders (push press, board press, slingshot, etc.).

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