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Default Diet for Begginer's Routine

First of all, I am not sure if I am actually allowed to start a thread like that. I provide support in another forum and I know how annoying it is to see the same thread being posted over and over again, but I already tried using the search and didn't find a clear answer. So, why dont give it a try ?

1) I read "John Christy Appreciation Thread" (ty pal) and I would like to know if that routine fits a begginer profile ? I have some experience, so I think I could perform all those exercises well.

1.1) If so, what diet should I follow ? I am willing to take supplements.

1.2) If not and I decide to follow one of the routine posted on the "Weight Training Routines For Beginners" (any preference or w/e I pick should work?) thread, do you guys have any diet that should work ?

Thanks in advance !
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