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vcjha is off to a bad start

It has been the first sucessful completion of the entire workout but I can only recollect yesterday.

Felt pretty good yesterday, and hit 90 lb for two sets of 7 on incline press. What's strange is I can only do 155 on bb for 8 reps. Any help to this topic will be appreciated. Afterwards, pull-ups weren't the greatest at 20 lb strapped on my belt for 6 reps 3 sets but still not the worst. Afterwards, moved into deadlift. Hit 265 for 5 reps 3 sets and they weren't that hard either. If I could build more speed, I could've gotten more reps. Really need to work on the fatigue though. My hands fatigue faster than my back, and I refuse to use straps until I can do 315 for a solid 15 reps.

Afterwards, moved to shoulder press, which I hit each set for 8 reps. On the third set, I heard a pop and felt my shoulder pop out then back in, a potential injury. Slept a long 11 hours in hopes of making it heal. Was hesitant to go on dips, but hit 225 for 5 reps, then 2 sets at 205 for 7 reps. Still no PR on there either.

So today, only PR is incline bench press, which seems to be jumping up in weight at alarming speeds. I would consider deadlift too, because although I was fatigued, the reps came up easily and I had no effort keeping my back straight.
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