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piatraelfa is off to a bad start

LOL guys.
come on... it's one thing to be "natural" in the day o the contest, and it is a completely different thing to not use.
And when I say roids, I am not necessarily reffering to test or any other compounds, as in my opinion diuretics, fat burners like clen or ephedrine are always sterois.

Moreover, you can say for sure that a guys is natural or not if he is tested once per week, lol. But the test from the contest day doesn't mean absolutely nothing.

Look at the Arabs competing at the amateur Worlds... look at Mohammed Salama and you'll see that he has never been suspended. And still he competes as an amateur in a tested contest
See my point?
I didn't want to blaim the guy from the initial post, as I just wanted to point some thing.
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