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vcjha is off to a bad start

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
As long as needed. Rest until you feel ready to go again. For squats it could be 4 minutes, for smaller lifts 60 seconds.
Got it.

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Solid goals. Just keep in mind that for a lean natural arm, 10 inches over your wrist size is about as big as it will get. I have 20" arms right now but lean they are about 16.5, which 10 inches above my lean wrist size of 6.4".

I'll keep that in mind. Not everybody can be Doug Miller.

I've worked with, and met some of the best in the business and very few look too big for their size. Get as big as you can naturally.

Understood, but just one of those preferences as I could probably say they need to gain more size if I just judged off those pics, but seeing them in real life, I see no reason for them to get any bigger. Of course, one could make the reason that if they were in very good condition, they would definitely be smaller, making it necessary to get bigger(:

Most average local shows there just aren't that many great physiques to begin with, no offense meant. Most lack back and leg development, and have sub-par conditioning.

Most that do have great conditioning win their class easily, and often go on to win pro cards.

I have seem some pretty asymmetrical naturals win prestigious titles because of conditioning.
I just want to be one that has symmetry and conditioning if that's possible(:
Originally Posted by Soldier View Post
It's generally accepted that shorter rest periods (:90-2:00) are best for building muscle size, while longer rest periods (4:00+) are better for building strength. Just like anything else in lifting, there are plenty of exceptions to this "rule". There are lots of powerlifters who use longer rest periods and build massive muscles, but there are also lots of powerlifters who use longer rest periods and never really develop as much muscle mass as they MIGHT with shorter rest periods.

If you are gaining weight but not progressing in your lifts, then give 3-4:00 rest periods a try. If that helps your strength grow then eventually that strength should be reflected with some solid muscle mass. It's one of those things where if you experiment a little you should find what works for you.

Personally, I hate resting. I usually change my weights then get right on with the next set. The exception to this is when I'm working into heavier sets.
I agree with you on that. As much as I put away my ego, there are those times that will I rest longer if I'm absolutely pining for that PR.

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