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vcjha is off to a bad start

Just something I thought of posting up: I admire both these bodybuilders as they work out at my local gym and the other reached his size within the span of 3-4 years at age 20, and he's now 21. 5'6-5'7

The other is in his 40's but it is amazing that he looks that good at that age. So far, I don't know anybody his age who does.

The guy is huge at 5'6 to 5'7. And after seeing his conditioning in the off-season, and seeing how retarded his striations are when he does shoulder press(even his chest fibers dance) it blows my mind how Layne Norton may look in real life 5 weeks out from a contest(no need to talk about Tommy). Like I said, I admire them both, but I'm going to adopt the mindset of all the forum posters and possibly on this forum too and say I can get bigger than this

My goals as far as measurements go at 7-8% are 25-26 inch legs(I'd have to reach a lower number before deciding whether they're too big or not), 20 inch arms(like I said I'd be happy at 18), 45' chest, 29 inch waist, 15 inch forearms, and finally 50 inch shoulders(again I'd have to reach a lower number to determine.).

The reason why I said they're huge is that even at 5'10, I do not want to surpass any of their bodypart's size. So if he has a 45' chest, I do not want to surpass it even 1 inch. I'm after building a symmetrical body that is pleasing to the eyes of the human(especially of the female variety), one that leaves them in awe, not running for the nearest exit. Most of my friends will say the two look way too big for their height. Me and my friends are all after good size, and we completely abhor the skinny model physiques(zac efron be damned).

I've yet to learn how a conditioned top natural pro bodybuilder really looks on stage, but chances are if they're symmetrical on stage, they look quite unproportional in real life. Again, I'm not bashing on bodybuilding proportions, it's just me and a few others would prefer symmetrical bodybuilders that look proportional in real life, as opposed to "the illusion of symmetry onstage." There have only been two instances where somebody with the perfect body was at my gym(great detail, but not too much, and impeccable symmetry). Lo and behold, multiple girls walked up to them that day. Separate instances, but symmetry is what draws the girls, imo.

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