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vcjha is off to a bad start

Originally Posted by Soldier View Post
I did the same thing, wasting my time with bodypart splits for quite a while. I never really got much stronger OR bigger. One great way to go for you might be an upper/lower split with 4 days a week in the gym. That would give you two days a week for lower body and two days for upper body.

I'm sure BTB will chime in, along with plenty of other guys who can help you get on the right track.
Thank you for your reply. BTB did chime in(: Yeah, you're right. I remember where I had a stint and decided to follow that advice due to one very persuasive article from Lyle Mcdonald(he helped someone get to over 200 lb lean) and noticed the increase in size and poundages. Then for the reason I began to develop a real love for the gym, but liked to do short intense workouts, switched to working out everyday. Yeah, I know, stupid.

Originally Posted by bruteforce View Post
I'm getting my best results ever from 3 heavy full body days a week. I'll be adding Strongman events next month on Saturdays as well. 3-4 days a week seems to be perfect. 6 days a week got me nowhere.
Thank you for your reply. I kind of knew in the back of my head 4 should be max, but I was trying to find a way to shorten the workouts but I didn't progress very much. Here's the lesson: hitting each muscle twice per week using 6 days per week with lower volume is NEVER going to be the same as 4 days per week using a bit higher frequency. And it sucks to hear myself say this, but 6 days a week will always be inferior.

Originally Posted by Disciple X View Post
I do what soldier is suggesting ... and its a lot to recover from if you hit it hard...

Dont get so caught up in the small details. There will be plenty of time for that kind of stuff later on. Focus on the big lifts and get good at them and i can guarantee you'll look like you lift weights. Work the crap out of squats, bench, deadlifts, rowes, pullups, military press, etc and you'll be an animal one day. Be patient and put in your "time under the bar". You got to pay your dues man. Hammer down on the basics, and you'll be golden...
Yep, dues is what I'm going to do and it's what I did. I decided to do a full body workout after being hammered by many reputable articles and I hit PR's on almost all exercises. That means PR on deadlift, PR on bench, PR on incline db bench, and PR on db shoulder press. The others weren't PR but I was dominating the weights from the previous week as opposed to struggling. But here's the downside: IT TOOK THREE HOURS TO COMPLETE. I wasn't exhausted, though because I took as much rest as needed, probably around 3-4 min per set. But if I did, I know it probably feel like hell on earth, and chances are, there would probably be no PR's.

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Well most recreational lifters will never have to workout more than 3-4 times per week. Some powerlifters workout more than that, but it's pretty commonplace for even elite level powerlifters to train 4 days per week.

AAS using bodybuilders can benefit from 5 or 6 day bodypart splits.

I would be glad to help.

I have spoken with Tommy several times. A great guy. I think you can make amazing muscle gains in 2.5 years and get in contest shape in 3 years.

Square one. Start simple, work hard, eat so you can gain. There are many good 3 and 4 day options I could suggest, but first I want to know how confident you are with squats and deadlifts.

Also, what is your current height, weight and age?

It would also help to know about where some of your lifts are poundage-wise. This can help me understand what kind of loads you are used to.

My basic advice will often lifts from the following pool:

Barbell/DB Rows
Bench Press/Incline BP, Dumbbell Bench Press
Pull Ups
Chin Ups
Close Grip Bench Press
Overhead Press
Power Cleans
Weighted Sit Ups
Side Bends
Calf Raises (If needed)

Let's take a look at your height, weight and lift experience, and then we'll put together a workout and get you focused on progression.

Regarding diet, what is your general structure, meaning calories per day and protein intake?
It brings me great joy to know I could get a reply from you, BTB. I think your real name is Steve, but I could be mistaken. It will also bring you great joy to know that I don't like doing isolation movements. My bodyparts I hate to train are biceps and calves. My biceps and calves are not starting to grow after finally learning what kind of form I have to use and where to flex, but I'm curling a measly 70 lb for 5 reps on the straight bar, and any calve exercise I can't seem to break 45 and a 10 on each side. If I add more weight, I feel like my calves no longer do the work. I'm 5'10, turn 22 in January, and weigh 164.5. I have a coach who is advising me on diet and he is one of the best. His recommendations have been a leak bulk on 2300 calories, and 200 g of protein. We had to bump it down to 165 g, due to the fact that I don't really have the financial means to do so, and every dollar I can save right now is most appreciated. I didn't have faith in the lean bulk at first, even though I expressed to him that if possible, I only want to gain muscle in the off-season, but lo and behold it does work(I also am pretty sedentary as far as activity goes. I walk around the house and that's it, due to the fact I have no job and couldn't get into college classes because they were full) My poundages are going up consistently and if I'm honest, size is too. He said we're aiming for .5 lb per week.

I've been seriously lifting since 18, but implemented the big three decently with good form at 19. It wasn't until 20 that I really put aside my ego after being humiliated by a fellow lifter when he gave me advice and led through the proper form of deadlifting. I couldn't even do 45 on each side. Now, I strive to keep perform form on every rep, including mind-muscle connection, while still striving to put weight on the bar and db. I do have to say I shy away from power cleans because nobody in real life can teach me the right form and it is extremely hard to learn when watching videos online. To this day, I still cannot do one proper power clean. I also prefer not to do side bends, crunches, leg raises, weighted sit-ups and all the like as I feel my core is fully engaged on any compound lift(yes my abs feel stimulated during a db bench set now). Anything else you need, BTB, let me know. And thanks again to you and every single person who posted on here. So far, this is the one forum that strives to offer solid advice WITHOUT the attitude, the flaming wars, and such. I also apologize for the late reply, but I did leave for my workout right after I finished editing the post, and I did do my first workout which became an unheard of(at least for me) three hours.

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