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In the past, I would've asked someone to critique my workout, thinking I somewhat how to put together a routine. 1 compound, 2 isolations per bodypart, 2 bodyparts a day, except Legs and Shoulders, which are done separate. I thought that would be fine. But as I pondered this forum, I found out I knew nothing. Apparently, some even feel a muscle needs to be hit twice per week AND no person should ever work out more than four days per week. Looks like I've been doing it wrong as I've been going 5-6 days per week. I've been training for 3 years now and many have asked me if I even lift. It's not even worth it when someone at the gym praises me because they have no clue how big are the natural bodybuilders who train right, hard, and consistently, which goes to show you there are not many people who train hard and consistently in my gym. I am extremely intrigued by BendTheBar's posts as he praises simple and abbreviated routines all the time that put most emphasis on db bb compound exercises and nearly shuns all isolation, even known dumbbell exercises. I would be honored if he actually replied to me. But I will definitely welcome advice from those who know him or have been advised by him.

My goal is to step on stage in three years the biggest and leanest I can possibly be, with conditioning that can almost compare to Tommy Jeffers. I'm not saying this because I think it can be reached in that time as I don't expect to compare to Tommy until ten years later. I'm saying this because my goal is to look like a bodybuilder, plain and simple. I'm not interested in going for max strength, although I will say if more weight on the bar is what it takes to gain more as the years go by(and it is very apparent on this forum) I will do my best to improve my poundages every workout if my recovery and body allowed it. So any advice on what training program I should get on pertaining to my goal would be appreciated. I already know diet. For some reason, that was much simpler for me to understand and implement.

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