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I never let her rip, when applying the normal definition. But, I do eat over maintenance by a large margin on T-day (but keep dietary focus), but I prepare in advance, so my body will be in a position to absorb the calories. In simple terms, it follows (though modified somewhat), Lyle McDonald's creditable information in two of his books: The Stubborn Fat Solution, and Ultimate Diet 2.0. I taper carbohydrates down for one week, and then stay at a specific numeric gram figure, for the next week.

I rarely change programs, but during this time (or when I lean down), I adjust training reps/volume (splits) where the focus is to burn a higher portion of carbohydrates (basically higher rep ranges), and I have one full body workout one day before (say the day before T-day). And, this is generally enough to lower stored glycogen to the point where I can literally feed my face with over 6,000+ calories, and not have a worry in the world. I generally feel leaner the next day after. Been doing this for several years (even during the time I had a lot of fat tissue to lose (lost over 40 lbs), and post some bulk periods, it works, and it works well.

I like this because it is basically manipulating the the body's NORMAL processes, and manipulating weight barring exercise where we know carbohydrates (keeping things equal), are traditionally the energy expended. I also use Lyle's equation on the "approximate" amount carbohydrates used/expended on certain sets to obtain an idea of where I'm at as I progress. I can pretty much eye-ball it now, but I still track it in a notebook, cause I like seeing the numbers and then comparing the "real life" results with it, which gives good "adaption" changes where or if necessary.

Generally (dependent on whom we are speaking about in terms of goals), one day (dependent on previous dietary trend) isn't going to make or break ones' goal path, but I love seeing the things I study being put into action and seeing it actually happen, and the feeling I get once glycogen refils (liver, etc, etc), is extraordinary trust me. I get a window of about 24 hours, so holidays fit perfect for this.


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