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Default BRaWNyS Log: Pain Master in Action

This is gonna be my log.
From time to time I will post here my training (as long as my free time allows).

I follow a plan where I emphasize on strength, power and mass (mostly myofibrilliar and not sarcoplasmic).
It's mostly Powerbuilding based.

For strength (and mass) I use main exercises, either doing ramping with low reps (+back-off sets optional), or extended ramping with varied (low) reps, or straight sets (emphasizing at work capacity).
Low reps for me are 1 to 5.

In some additional exercises (for extra mass emphasis), I also use extended set methods, like Clusters, Rest-Pause, Myo Rep sets, Bulldozer sets etc.
Sometimes I add sets like this to main exercises.

For Power I use variations of olympic drills* along with other as power exercises or Dynamic Effort (here the reps are no higher than 3 and the % of max is where most speed and power output can applied).
*Because I don't have an olympic bar and I train at home and have no platform, neither can I drop the weights and with a standard bar it can be a problem to joints etc, I am cautious about going very high in weights at these.

Several of my lifts are Deadstop style, and I do alternated antagonist sets (antagonist exercise pairings mostly in the same plane) in the upper body.

My split is based on an upper/lower style, with the addition of Full Body workouts (cause in these days I add the power exercises).
Usually, when it's an upper day, the power exercises are lower body based and vise versa.
Sometimes I follow a plan where all the training days are Full body style like this as I mentioned above and split the power exercises in different planes.
I call it FREAK-uency (mix of the words Freak and frequency), based on the variations of it I do recommend in a Greek Private Forum I own, where we are about 10 members-friends.

There are 4 training days and I train 4 days/week or 3 days/week, so it is either the full split in 1 week or goes A, B, C for week1, then D, A, B for week 2, then C, D, A for week 3 etc, or mixed/varied (either 4 or 3 days/week by feel).

I use autoregulation (the way CT recommends), with the addition of the RPE concept (Reactive Training Systems style by Mike Tuchscherer, if you're familiar).
I use varied RPEs sometimes in blocks.

My current split:

Day 1 (Upper)
A1.Deadstop Floor Press - extended ramping (x4, x3, x2, x1 the main sets)
A2.Deadstop Pendlay Row - extended ramping (x4, x3, x2, x1 the main sets)
B1.OHP - straight sets x3-6
B2.Pull Up - straight sets x3-6
C.Tricep Extension - extended set method
D.Curl - extended set method

Day 2 (Lower and Posterior chain)
A.Deadstop Front Squat (parallel height) - extended ramping
B.Back Squat hip Drive (just below parallel) - straight sets
C.Snatch High Pull - extended ramping
D.Snatch Power Shrug - straight sets x3-6
E1.GHR or Glute Bridge - extended set method
E2.Ab exercise - extended set method

Day 3 (Full Body A)
A.Box Squat - DE, power sets x1-3
B.Hang Power Snatch - power sets x1-3
C1.Deadstop Floor Press - ramp x3 + back-of sets x1-5
C2.Deadstop Pull Up - ramp x3 + back-of sets x1-5
D1.Close or mediumgrip Dip - straight sets x3-6
D2.Curl or Lateral Raise - straight sets x3-6

Day 4 (Full Body B)
A.Snatch Jerk or BTN Push Press - power sets x1-3
B.Hang Power Snatch or Clean - power sets
C.Deadstop Front Squat - ramp x2 + back-of sets x1-5
D.Deadstop RDL (below knees) - ramp x2 + back-of sets x1-5
E1.GM Bent - straight sets x3-6
E2.Ab exercise - straight sets x3-6

My all time records in some basic lifts (in pounds) are shown at my signature (for the log I'll use kgs), but at this time at some exercises, my actual PRs and lifting stats are a bit lower, because lately I lost weight and had hard times (lately living separated with wife and kids, unfortunately going ahead for divorce like other people here cause of the crisis in Greece, not having real job, just working part-time for a few money, so not eating very weel also etc). I said, as long as my time allows, I try to keep my log updated and share my training and more info with you in the next posts....

Back Squat (parallel) - 200kg x 1
Back Squat (below parallel) - 180kg x 2
Deadstop Back Squat (just above parallel) - 190kg x 1
Deadstop Back Squat (parallel) - 165kg x 1
Deadstop Front Squat (parallel) - 140kg x 1
Deadstop Front Squat (just above parallel) - 165kg x 1
Sumo Pull (below knees) - 215kg x 1
Rack Pull (from knees) - 250kg x 2
Rack Snatch High Pull - 140kg x 1
Pin Floor Press - 155kg x 1
Bench Press - 145kg x 1
BTN Push Press - 95kg x 2
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