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Originally Posted by glwanabe View Post
I'm sure you will be.

A little story, along the same lines.

Man, and Wife are in bed and the Husband is feeling in the mood. He starts touching his Wife, and she knows what he wants. She says, she has a ob-gyn appointment in the morning, and wants to stay clean for the Dr. appt.

Husband says ok. A minute later he ask her if she also has a Dentist appt as well.

LOL! That's great!

And from a good friend of mine who has been filling me in on the status of his wife's non-interest in sex. They've been married 16yrs and it had been over a month since he was able to "get together" with her. She turned him down on his birthday in early December, again a couple more times mid-Dec, and again on Christmas. Yet again on NYE. She knew she had a problem and she went to the Doctor to see if she was having hormone problems because she had no desire. So she is at least making an effort.

My buddy has a great sense of humor and he let her know he's been having to take care of it himself during this time. Stardate: Jan 01, 2010...heheh, in the morning he started letting her know he wanted it.

She got up and locked the door and said "OK, how do you want it?"

He very seriously (but with humor hidden) said "Just lay there!" He paused a good bit and said "this is NOT going to take long". And he said in well under 2 minutes he was done and the both started laughing.

OK, maybe not super funny to those that don't know him....but this guy can make you crack up with the way he delivers things.



Man, what an offer!!!! Women don't know that when they say something sex related in a positive light to a man, he has her full attention to all details. They just don't seem to put as much "weight" into what is said as we do. But just take what you can get and roll with it. I wouldn't make a big deal about a missed day now and again

Maybe start a log, minus details. Like this:

Day 1: hit it
Day 2: hit it
Day 3: missed it
Day 4: back in the saddle

You see what I mean
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