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Pit-Bull NS is off to a good startPit-Bull NS is off to a good startPit-Bull NS is off to a good startPit-Bull NS is off to a good start
Arrow $5.00 OFF EACH ITEM!!! SALE TO END ALL SALES!!! Why? Because you're Grrrrrreeeaaat!!!

First this sale is NOT going to be posted on our website. We are only posting it on certain areas!

With the holidays coming up we know you are wanting to save money so we are going to help you do that!!

That's why we are going to take $5.00 OFF EACH ITEM YOU ORDER!! The more you order the more you save!

Need a little spike in activity around your Thanksgiving dinner table? Add a little UNLEASHED to their wine and soda!

Need to hint around to that fat co-worker or family member that they really need to hit the gym. Why not give them a package of UNLEASHED V2 as a stocking stuffer!

The possibilities and reasons to save are endless. Simply email us at and let us know what you want to order and will we email you an invoice with your savings!

See now dont that just turn that frown upside down!!!!!
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