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Originally Posted by Disciple X View Post
Face pulls are the best thing i've ever done for my rear delts. I do a ton of them now and use a band for the most part. Maybe you should try another band or use gloves or whatever you need to do to use it. They flat out work! Find a way
Finding a way, not always that simple...if I could, I would, trust me; and others on the forum would vouch for that

Originally Posted by big_swede View Post
On occasion i do a variation of rear raises, just sit on the end of a bench, lean forward chest over your knees, grab a db each hand and trust it up with elbows flared out, like a rear delt fly but with bent arms. Allowing one to handle more weight than and also gives the trapzorx a good beating.

Hope you got the picture =)
Thanks Swede. I have a bench now, so that may be easier than bending and holding position.

Originally Posted by tattooed redneck View Post
behind the back bar shrugs, upright rows, seated d-bell shrugs, power cleans, and behind the head barbell presses, usualy hammer my rear delts.
Thanks TR I'll look into a couple of those which I don't already do.
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