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I'll resurrect this for a pretty interesting video... For those that don't speak russian theres a loose translation below. Theres some clips of him throwing around 'light' weight too.

"It's a story that was focused on Dmitriy and was broadcasted on Russian channel 2. Quite interesting I might say. Here it goes. I'll mark my sentences that are not part of the translation with "*".

First his wife laughs and says that in their family everyone knows how to snatch and c&j, that it is a must in the family. The reporter goes on to say that he dedicated his Olympic silver medal, from Beijing to his wife, mother, and daughter, whom he is playing with, while his wife and mother prepare the table.

He goes on to say that his wife and his mother became close friends from the very beginning, because they are both wives of successful weightlifters.
*In Russian, weightlifting is called "heavy athletics", while trach & field etc... are called "light athletics"*.

The reporter then says that not only does Dmitri's and his father's sport is heavy, but so are their character". *In English "heavy character" means that they have a strong character*.

His mom then says that his father rarely shows strong emotion when he enjoys something. As an example she says that after successful medal winning competitions, the first thing they do after coming back home, is to unpack their luggage, no matter if he won gold or silver.

When Dmitriy enters his weight room, the reporter says that his father Vyecheslav won the world championships in 1983, and Dmitriy or "Dima" won his first in 2005.

The deadlift he was doing was 210 kg. His father built him his weight room at home.

The reporter goes on to say that his father educated a strong character in Dmitriy for his early childhood, and he learned the word "must" from an early age. His father then says that he made sure that his child will have a vast preparation at an early age.

Preparation means something like physical activity, he made sure that his son will have diverse physical activities, it is not as strict as "preparation" sounds in English.

He mentions soccer, swimming, wrestling, ice hockey, and even motorcycles that he liked. *It is very interesting, since it is EXACTLY what Matt Reynolds wrote, it is a striking evidence that his assumption about the Russians is correct.*

But he also made sure to educate him psychologically, i.e to teach him to overcome himself. He taught him the meaning of the following idea: "I don't want to do something, but I must".

His father was also completely against his son ever becoming a professional weightlifter as himself.

Nevertheless, the reporter says Dmitriy was destined to do it.
He goes on to do an over-head press. The weight is 120 kg, and he say that is is very light since his best weight on this exercise is 170 kg. *He does not talk about a jerk but rather a STRICT 170 KG OH PRESS. Yet another argument to show that phenomenal strength is something with key importance in Weightlifting.*

He goes on joking about several things. He says that chess is the most dangerous sport there is because you can fall asleep and get your eye stabbed (by one of the figures...).

He says that he can play chess and finish the game all sweating and twitching. *Apparently he likes chess...*

From the year 2005, he started training on his own, without a coach. His father didn't like this decision. His father then explains his position on this topic. He says that there was a training session in which Dima (Dmitriy's nickname) was doing jerks from the rack (*I'm not completely sure that this is the exercise he is talking about, but I think it is it*). He loaded a very heavy load, 250 kg, and jerked.

He goes on to say that the lockout on this attempt didn't go well, and the barbell went too much backwards. He explains that when it happens you must NEVER resist the barbell and try to hold on to it and stabilize it, what you need to do, is simply drop it. You must remember, he says, that it is only a training session and it is not a competition, where everything is at stake.
But Dima, his father says, decided not to let go, and what happened was that he "tore" his entire shoulder joint.

He explains that if there were a coach in the room, he would urge him to drop the weight and thus the injury would've been prevented.
After that we go back to Dima who, gives a different perspective regarding his decision. He says that his best total, 442 kg, was a year after he started training alone. Now there is a footage of him bench pressing.

The reporter says that the injury that he had still effects him to this day, and because of this each and every little medal he wins is very important to him, since after all, those victories could've easily not happen, because of that injury.

But the most satisfying fact, the reporter says, is the knowing that you broke your own fathers' records. Dima says that his best total, 442 kg, is 2kg better than the total of his father. Dima, the narrator says, had another role model besides his father, Arnol Shcwarzenneger. Dima says that Arnold isn't exactly a role model to him, but he is a man who's success he would also like to have.

The narrator explains that "Iron Arny's" successfull career in sports, Business and politics, is something that inspires Dima.
In 2005 he participated in the Arnold Classic tournament. He photos with Arnold, from this tournament he keeps to this day, along with other photos of different sport triumphs he had.

Dima says that after he retires, he wants to make a gallery of his weightlifting achievements. He wants to make big "depth" photos of his greatest moments and hang them next to his uniform and medals, he also wants to categorise it by the different tournaments in which he participated.
Still, the reporter says, there are big differences between the sportsmen Arnold and Dmitriy.

Dima goes on to laugh about it. He says: "A builder (He uses the word "kachok" wihch means someone pumped.)... I never do building or "pumping", he accompanies his words with movement that resemble curls...
And the most important thing, the narrator says, is that by practicing bodynuilding, Arnold could become anything he wanted, but... not an Olympic champion.

And the silver medalist from Beijing, he says, will go in 2012, for the gold."
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