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Originally Posted by Pull14 View Post
Rear delts will really come into place with any type of horizontal pulling. To get them a little more involved flare your elbows to the side with rowing lifts (barbell/db). My personal favorite is a snatched grip barbell row, pulled towards upper chest/collar bone with elbows flared. If I'm targeting the r. delts specifically I'll pull my shoulder blades together which will take a little bit away from the rest of the upper back.

Others... rear delt swings; same as the rear delt raise/bent over lat raises but use some body language and momentum to get the weight up -- use heavier weight for pretty high reps.

In a programming/ratio sense, keep upper body pulling volume about the same or a bit higher than pressing volume. Bang for your buck type stuff could involve flaring the elbows a bit more on the pulling. At the end of the training session add in 3-5 high repped sets of rear delt work 2-3 times a week.

Stuff like deads certainly do pull in the rear delts, but not the extent of training them directly or performing a lift (rows) with an emphasis on the rear delts/upper back. Snatches and cleans also will work them quite a bit, but if its a weak area, they will still need to be trained.
Never considered "snatch grip" before, good idea. And many thanks for the advice on ratios of one to the other.
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