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Default Rear Delts

I've put this here because it seems like the right place to ask the question.

All input will be appreciated, however the only equipment available is: barbell, dumbbells, answers based around those pieces of equipment will be much more helpful.

I could use the gym but it won't be a good long-term option.

I want to get the rear delts up a bit and would like some advice on decent exercises for them; pull-ups/chins are out due to the TOS and upperbody strength and grip (TOS related; Thoracic Outlet Syndrome).

Bent Over Lateral Raises is about the only exercise I can think of that directly targets them...can people advice on any other exercises that I might be able to incorporate and even a recommended ratio of the exercise in relation to presses and so forth which are using the front delts etc. Please feel free to advise on how deadlifts and other such exercises may or may not target the rear delts; it will all be helpful to other readers, nothing is too trivial.

Thanks guys.
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