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I am going to post what my goals are,training schedule, my diet numerically, and other information in the next post.

Meanwhile, bro

I got up this morning and stubbed my big right toe, like an idiot. Let out a big......"F-ck!". And, woke the whole house up in the process. G-Ma too. I hurt and I felt like an ass at the same time. It clipped the toe nail, and it bled a little. Well, lets hope this isnt an indication on how the day is going to go.

Upper and Lower full body, today.

I do NOT take any supplements, other than Whey, Fish/flax oil, and Fiber.

The reason is simple:

I get a checkup every 6 months. ALL of my hormones, etc, are normal, and in some cases better for a 50 year old male. I want to CHANGE MY BODY COMPOSITION through what the body would NORMALLY USE (say eating) or WHAT IT WOULD NORMALLY DO (say activity, as an example)

We have to eat. Check. We have to drink water, Check. The body is built to move around and perform certain activities, Check. All I have to do in other words, is manipulate diet and exercise, make adjustments as I get bodily feedback and I achieve my goal. How do I improve this? Education in what I want to do, continually all the time.

The problem is that most don't have the aforementioned understood, before resorting to other supplements. Get diet and exercise down (in consistency), then worry about supplements, if you choose to take them.

2 large glasses of water, with a multivitamin. 2 glasses of water with fiber mixed in. Next, I had a Yo-plait Chocolate/banana smoothie mixed with Chocolate Whey Powder, 9 oz of milk. Before, work out, I like things that are liquid, it doesn't take long to digest, and is more readily available when digested (30 grams of carbohydrates, 30 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat, about 450 calories)

3 large cups of coffee. I have been drinking Coffee since my teens. I love it. Is the reason its in my diet. It has stimulating effects, but these are so relatively minor, I don't even consider it.

A lot of the carbohydrates consumed will be used during the training session. Approximate 20 grams or so, dependent.


There is a history, in why I focus on the shoulders getting an extensive warmup focus which I can explain later.

Shoulder maintenance:

1. Rotator Cuff exercises.
2. Lite Stretch band warmups, front, side, and rear delts.

Over time, I have found I need a deep warmup.

Weighted Pull-ups: (palms facing me)

3X12, 9, 6

Each is 2m rest, not to failure.

Weighted/elevated pushups:

These are done, with the feet on the OLY bench, and hands on the mobile bench in front. I use a very strong nylon strap with metal ends (actually my laptop strap) to hang the weight just below the pec line.

3X15, 12, 10, 5 (Last rep lost 5 which was weird)

1.3M rest period, not to failure.


Circuit: 1 set= BP+TBR+AC rest 2m, repeat

3 set circuit.

Flat Bench Press: 3X9, 6, 4

T-Bar Row/Bent-over-Row (alternating): 3X13, 9, 7

I put the OLY bar in corner in my room, where I have two velcro straps nailed (to hold in place).

================================================== ====
Overall shoulders: Switched to Circuit. Each is done right after the other, then 2m rest.

Front Lateral: 2x9,6
Side Lateral: 2x8,5
LB Military Press: 2X11,8

Triceps focus/with Bi

Circuit: CG+DTE+AC=1 set, 2m rest

Close-Grip "decline" Bench press: 3X11, 7, 3
Decline Tri-extensions:3x7, 5, 3
Wall-Curl: 2x13, 9

Core: Circuit. RR+P=1 set, 1m rest

Renegade DB Rows: 16, 12

Plank: 2.5, 2.4m

Lower Wheels.

Cycle: 10 Minutes, level 8, slow moderate pace
Back squat Warmup, X1, LB lunge (static) Warmup x1, Ham curlx1, GMX1

Circuit: BS+ LBL= 1 set, 2m repeat

Back Squat:2X8, 6

LB Static Lunge: 2X10, 8

My toe was killing me, the more my feet sweat. So, I decided to take off the shoes, and put on toe less slip ons, and it felt better.

circuit: HC+GM= 1 set, 2m

Ham Curls; 2X10, 6

Good Mornings:2X8, 5


Calf raises: 3X17, 15, 11

================================================== =======

Post workout: Same focus in quick digesting stuff, with the exception in adding in a hard protein and Fiber item:

3 more glasses of water. Next, I had a Yo-plait Strawberry/Banana smoothie mixed with Chocolate Whey Powder, 9 oz of milk (30 grams of carbohydrates, 30 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat, about 450 calories). 1 can of white tuna, on a Flax/Fiber-rich Pita (15 grams fiber, one serving, which is also only 60 calories by they way, also low in carbohydrates, subtracting Fiber, 210 calories total). This pita bread really swells in the stomach LOL, and makes ya shit too, which is, well, a side effect, lol. Swelling properties is what I look for in products like these, though.

1,110 calories before 1P today. The calorie target is 1750.

Do not grade my workouts. I am more concerned with how I feel going in and going out.

I indicate whether I have increased/decreased in reps, and indicate where I add weight. I usually will add weight, in the first rep meeting rep range goal (or sometimes I force it, if I hang), and do not wait for the 2nd, 3rd, usually.

And, this is adjusted on the fly in the gym as I move from what exercise to the next where applicable. Reps are very slow on the bench press, shoulders, and Squat. I am currently experimenting with time under the bar with these. Which I can explain later.

Peace, my brother!

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:

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