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thank you- i will for sure read it! But first i want to reply to get you a picture of me:

-current stats: 30s old 186cm high, 88kg 19%BF. small bones. long arms and legs.
-Started training 12 years ago with 186cm and 68 kg and 28cm arms
-Highest weight i reached was 98kg but 23%BF and 40cm arms. Best lift were bench 90kgx10rpm then and dumbbell military press with 35g/side x 6
-I love training and theory thats why i own books from bompa, siff, kraemer , pavel and so on. But the more you know the more focus you loose.
- Best programm which worked for me was the HLM format. 3x3/2x15 and 3x10.
But only if the days are separeted from each other. mixing H day with L didnīt worked-perhpas too diferent stimuli in one session. And as metnioend i burned out on the H days.thats why i wanted to change something.But i think its important to have a light and heavy session in matter if you do a "light" phase or "heavy" phase. i think this intracycling thing is quite important.
-I was always the upper body guy- i am honest. the last year i tried to master the squat but didnīt got it. The deadlift suits me much more and i do it now regulary.
-For the press: I also did it last year,(60kg 5x5) but had issues with my wrists.thats why i prefer dumbbells.
-I am lighter and weaker know than i was at my peak weight-but i wanted to drop the fat. The status quo you see in the first row.

Regarding my lifts:
-chin up with dead hangx6
-bench 1 rpm 90-95kg
-deadlift: Think about 120kg. Did 105x8 last time.

The main idea i want to follow is to train for strength on one PULL and PUSH movement for upper body. And deadlift for lower ( i know its a pull also).
chin up

These are the lifts which contains the highest possible weight for push and pull. Also the bic shoulders and tric are involved and should get stimulated with the heavy loads.

The light day should generate the fatigue/recovery and allow the environment for growth.
that was my main idea and seems it could work well that what you do.

I am curious to learn more.
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