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Default How to set up a PL cycle?

Hi there,

I trained with a HLM template but always blow myself out on the H days and i had no idea how to cycle them best.

I thought that it might be a good idea to run a PL cycle for the big lifts for the H day and do accessory work in the L/M range the other.
So one day is devoted to TENSION and the other to FATIGUE to get strong ,big and allow for intracylce variation which seemed to work for me good in the past.

The point is, that i found some PL cycles on the net, but NO recommondation regarding volume for the days during the cycle.

The only table i know-as u-is the Prilepins table which was created for weightlifters but seems to work for powerlifts also quite well.
I think the recommondations are not bad, but still it seems quite less volume for me. (everything under 90%). If i look up waterburys set/rep bible the set/rep combos are much higher for "strength and hypertrophy"

Some might argue, that i should run wendlers 531. I made the experience that a bit more volume suits me well. I never progressed with ramped sets. Sets across always worked well for me.

So i had following idea in mind. 2x the week whole body

Day1 HEAVY PL Cylce:

1.week: 3x6 @ 70% 1rpm
2.week: 3x4 @ 80% 1rpm
3. week: 3x2 @ 90% 1rpm the 3rd set is an ALL OUT SET
4. week DELOAD 3x5 @ 60% 1rpm
5. week: Recalculate the maxes with the help of wendlers formular based on my all out set in the 4th week. Start new

Day2 : Accessory: L/M

Here i will pick one exercise per mouscle group and do 4x10 with 2 min rest. The next weeks i try do add reps but remain the weight. fatigue and volume is goal here.
I will go to near failure but only on the last rep on the last set each session.
In the deload week i will but the volume in half and drop the weight by 10% for this day.
In the new cycle I will start again but use the 2x15 1min rest paramters this time to get some variety in.
If this cycle is over too, i will flip the accessorsy exercises and start again with 4x10.
Because i will use cables and dumbbels and such a higher volume on this day, its insured that this day is in all weeks lighter than the H day. this is the purpose.
I think this is quite sound.
Whats really new for me is, that i use a %based training chart and donīt go all out on the last rep on the last set which was my standard approach over the years. that worked good for L and M days for 5 weeks, but never for the H days.
Thats why i want to give this a try- i still train near failure on the last set on the accessory day.the weight are aroung 60%1rpm so goin near all out only on the last set should work like in the past.
I also need that for motivation. if i got only 10 reps on the last set on the last session and this time 14 i know for sure i got stronger.
When holding always reps back on all sets i never have a clue if i really got stronger. This seems to work on the lower % days because they are more easy on the CNS-but for the HEAVY days i think the PL approach works better to prevent from burning out.

Opinions are really welcome-its my first cycle and donīt want to mess it up!


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