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Originally Posted by Chillen View Post
Its good to read that this was cleared up, bro. We (under the bar) all have a catalyst that leads to our wake up call.
Wake up calls come in all kinds of different forms. The key is that we listen and don't keep hitting snooze.

Originally Posted by Chillen
You will NEVER read me, telling you good luck with your goals in our log.

LUCK has nothing to do with it.
You worked hard, and deserved to lose the weight you did, congrats my friend.
Totally agree, Luck has nothing to do with it.

Originally Posted by Chillen
Some persons whom start out with fitness goals, say tissue loss, think they can not train, when they do not have enough money for a gym membership or do not have any fitness equipment.

They are wrong. The literally walk in their fitness equipment each day they live. And, the house they live in is a fitness equipment factory---if they are creative enough. You got the JOB DONE bro seeing through the eyes of passion, and this always leads to getting things done.

If there's WILL there is a way. And, part of this WILL gets unlocked by removing the cloudiness of the brain by getting educated in the path in which you want to take.

I started out in the same position close to you (which I will relate in a later post), and worked with limited equipment, and bought weights, bars, bench, (made my own pull-up bar) as I moved and progressed.
One of the first things I teach my folks in Fit for the King is how to use what they have around the house. A gallon milk jug filled with water weighs about 8.5 lbs, give or take a few ounces. A 16 oz can of veggies weighs the same as a 1lb weight. Imagine that.

Originally Posted by Chillen's question

How have you come to the conclusion you are carb-sensitive? I am extremely interested in reading the comments on this. When commenting, stipulate your dietary trend, etc, when commenting.

Just remember, holding a bowl movement (feces in the intestines), urine, and other water retention properties can amount to a 1lb or more, which is not necessarily fat tissue. If you are weighing yourself once per week, do it in the early morning when you first get up, if you have to urinate do it, and makes sure the cloths (if any but under wear), are relatively the same. When talking a pound, do NOT get all wrapped up in it. Far too many variables can make a pound difference.

Why are you fretting on this 1 pound?
Not really fretting about a pound, just set a goal and want to hit it.

A while back the wife made it clear that she didn't like my not eating the same dinner as everyone else. I started adding some carbs back at times. My experience is that if I include simple carbs for anything other than immediately post workout, I tend to stall out. I do not notice any differences in strength with or without carbs. I am not a big sweets or even fruit eater, though I love my bananas and berries, so I tend to eat low carb without trying too hard. Today for instance, 84.48 g carbs, but more than half of those were post workout. Now, the good thing is that since I am wanting to build some lean mass, carb sensitivity can work in my favor. The key will be to figure out the correct amount and timing. I will be borrowing from Layne Norton in this area.

Originally Posted by Chillen
What is Myofusion and Animal Flex? And, what is its purpose?
Gaspari's Myofusion - a protein blend
Animal Flex - Universal Nutrition's Joint complex, will probably switch to Osteobioflex as I felt I had better results with that product.

Originally Posted by C-man
Sound targets in your lifts, bro. Progression is more serious than serious weight, my brother.
I hear ya!

Originally Posted by Chillen doggie dog
Been married 27 years and have two kids myself. Was a police officer for about 12 years, before being asked to change careers, by my wife, when I got seriously hurt in arresting a combatant in a bar fight. I got hurt one too many times and my wife couldn't handle it anymore (if you want I can explain this, I received the Police Accommodation Medal at the time). Have two children 23 and 26 years old. Currently, I am the General Manager for a major hotel chain, supervise 20 employees for a multimillion dollar business.

Much respect your way, bro!
Thank you and your family for your service.

Originally Posted by Chillen View Post
How long with the wrist pain, and when did this surface? Where is the pain concentration?

My training, dieting, personal information forth coming, my friend.
I have been having problems since the early 80's, primarily in my left wrist. The doctor at that time said it was probably a form of rheumatoid arthritis but without the proper tests, he could not be sure. I was a poor college kid on my own, so no tests were done. Not a constant pain and discomfort and it comes and goes. Sometimes may be months with no pain at all. Usually rest, compression and anti-inflammatory helps. Right now they actually feel pretty good.
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