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Default A little about BAMAZAV

I began my journey in October of 2007. I went in to the Doc for the annual finger test and blood work and found everything out of whack. My Cholesterol was disconcerting and I was given the choice of losing weight by the 1st of the year or starting medications. I set about to lose the weight, cutting 35 lbs in 12 weeks. During that time we found other issues that ended up taking over a year to resolve.

I started by reading the TNT Diet book and putting it into action. I owned 2 10lb DB and a stretchy thingy. For about 8 weeks I trained 3 times a week bodyweight + 10lbs, following the Alwyn Cosgrove created routine in the book. My wife and kids purchased an adjustable DB set with a bench for my Christmas present that year and I was off. I trained with Dumbbells only for the better part of the year. I discovered Craigslist in late 2008 and purchased a Power rack, bench with leg extension and bar with 265lbs of plates. I then purchased some used plates bringing my totals up close to 400 lbs of plates. My addiction had begun.

My body weight has fluctuated between 185 and 200 since 2007. I have found I am extremely carb sensitive. If I even look at a starch or sugar I retain water. I have been on a slow cut to get back to 185. As of yesterday I was at 186.6lbs. Close! My current numbers are:

Weight = 186.6
Calf = 15
Thigh = 24
Waist = 35.5 - measured about inch below navel, same place each time
Chest = 39 - measured about inch above nipples, same place each time
Forearm = 11.75
Bicep = 14.5 - cold flexed
Neck = 15

Chest = 10mm
Ab = 17 mm
Thigh = 12 mm

Approximate BF% = 13.7

My official measurement day will be on fridays. I will be tracking all of the above over the course of this next year.

Diet wise. I would say that I eat Natural, not paleo as I do eat an occasional bowl of oats and do use dairy. I will occasionally have some pasta or even a cookie or small piece of cake or pie, but only if I have room in my macros. At the present I am worrying only about my protein intake and total calories. I naturally eat low carb, usually 100g or less per day. If I struggle with any macro it is with getting proper fats. I tend to go to the extremes, either too little or too much. I am currently eating uber low carb during the week, keeping carbs around 50g on non training days with carbs post workout on training days. Saturday and Sundays are carb loading, but not crazy, but if I want pizza I will eat it. I keep my total calories right at 2000. Once I reach my goal of 185, I plan to begin increasing total calories to assist in my desire to build lean muscle mass.

My Supplements are:

Myofusion - upon waking for sure, post work out and if I have not reached goal for the day, right before bed.
Fish Oil
Saw palmetto ( for BPH)
Vitamin D3 and B12
Focus Fast
Animal Flex - will finish this canister and then will probably move to a different joint supp.

I have just begun running 5/3/1. I am using the 5/3/1 BB template that Wendler published HERE. My goal is to increase my 4 major lifts significantly, as I do not believe I can build serious mass unless I am moving serious weight. Over the next year my lifting goals are as follows:

Squats = 300

Using the 5/3/1 protocols I will reach each of these goals on or before October 31, 2012.

I am a husband and father of 4 great kids. Oldest is married, working on her nurse practitioner degree, the boys are both students at the University of Alabama and the baby is a junior in High School. I pastor a Presbyterian Church in Virginia Beach and am a certified personal trainer, focusing on weight loss. I have started a ministry called Fit For the King and am training about 20 folks all of whom are seeking to lose weight. Needless to say, I am busy.

I am looking forward to getting to know my new training partner and the rest of you who will be watching our journey.
David, Husband, Father, Pastor
(Yasen Miroslav Zavadil)

Getting focused to get better.

"If there is nothing you can improve on, your standards are too low!" - BAMA Strength Coach Scott Cochran

1Co 9:27 But I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified

My training Log
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