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Daniel is off to a bad start

Kit wrote: "Reeves advocated higher volume of work. In his book (Building a Classic physique the natural way), he recommends increasing the number of sets to 2 once the trainee can't add weights/reps every workout with the single set protocol on a consistent basis. This would imply that he was advocating increasing the volume to avoid training to failure consistently. Similarly, moved on from 2 sets to 3 sets later on, but never did I see him advocate more than 3 sets."

So when Steve Reeves trained on one set as a begginer, do you think he would train until he knew he was about to hit failure if he attempted another rep? In other words, one (or 2) reps before failure? And if he couldn't manage to progress he would add another set in order to be able to progress more slowly between two sets, and then three? And would these sets be pushed within a rep or two of failure as well?

Also, would that be the difference between a begginer, and intermediate, and an advanced lifter? In other words, begginers will be able to make fast enough gaines on one set, an intermediate needs two sets to gain across, and an advanced needs 3?

I know those are a lot of questions. I'm realizing that I am not that experienced with some of the finer points of programming.

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