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Default Training For Women - Advice Needed!

Hi all,

In addition to training two blokes twice a week, I'm now also training my partner. She is using the same Steve Reeve's Classic template I've adapted for Ryan and Jared, and she's now performed it 3 times.

I've noticed that she is having real difficulty in some areas, like bench and OHpress, where she is actually moving less weight now that she did in her first session last week.

Progress is evident in other places, such as pinwheels (she repped 5 kg DBs for 8, then 10, and now 12 reps in the 1st set) and seated row... but in general that progress seems slower and more difficult to achieve.

My main concerns are
1 Bench press. The first time she did it, she performed 5 reps @ 30 kgs, then same @ 26 kgs, and 8 reps @ 20. Now she can't do more than 3 reps @ 30 in the first set, maybe 5 reps @ 20 kgs in the 2nd and by the 3rd set she's just repping the bar 8-10 times. I've reduced the amount of weight I am asking her to bench on the last two occasions, and now am hoping to build it back up slowly. But can anyone explain why her strength has decreased?

2 Training for progression. How slow should I take it? Is there anything I should know? And can anyone offer any general advice? I am not exactly a professional trainer to begin with, and I don't know if there are particular differences between training a female for progression and training a male the same way.




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