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Daniel is off to a bad start

Hey guys, my name is Daniel. I found this site by searching for information on old golden age routines designed for classic physique building. I found a lot of inspiration in the discussions on this forum about that topic. I have been lifting seriously for about one and a half years and have gone from 120lbs to 160lbs in the last 2 years.

I am currently on a very simple routine that I found on and it is very simple: Do one set of each 3 times per week - Deads, Military press, Chins, weighted pushups, barbell rows, squats. Then I rest for 10 min. and do 20 min. of straight db snatches for conditioning.

My overall level of strength is low, but I'm gaining steadily all the time. Hopefully the participation in this forum will help me make the transition from a begginer to an intermediate lifter while maximizing my gains.

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