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Originally Posted by mab54 View Post
Looks like an awesome dinner! Been very interested in switching to paleo myself.
I couldn't tell you that I'm following it to the letter, because I put nesquick in my milk, but I switched to a paleo diet about a month ago by (almost) eliminating processed carbs from my diet, and I've never felt better.

I get my nutrients, fibre and natural sugar from fruits and vegetables, I drink 2-3 litres of full cream milk every day, and eat a variety of fresh meats, dairy and eggs.

I don't eat any grains, cereals, breads, or wheat, rice, or pasta (usually). I have only a little nesquick each day. And I don't drink alcohol anymore.

I lost 5 kgs in the first 3 weeks by following this diet and training as I normally do - usually 3 days a week. I perform no cardio.

What I'm saying is, I think it works. I drank 3 litres of milk yesterday and had BBQ ribs for dinner, and I lost nearly a kilogram overnight. Some of that can be attributed to water weight, but some of it is certainly fat loss. I didn't even train yesterday, I only trained others.

Another thing to mention is the way it makes you feel, having no processed carbs and other junk in your diet. I can thrive on 6-7 hours sleep when I used to feel still tired on 8+!! I am a lot more emotionally stable and generally more positive. I deal with stress better and am more 'switched on'.

This is coming from a guy who used to have IBS, and used to be supposedly intolerant to casein and/or lactose. I was using soy products instead of dairy. I used to blame dairy for my issues, but when I removed carbs from my diet, this dramatic change happened. The IBS went away too!

I also recommend eating every 2-3 hours. I lost a net weight of 5 kilos in about 8 months, and now 11 overall, since I started eating 5+ meals a day instead of just 2 or 3, along with training 2-3 or more days per week.

EDIT: sorry Steve, I completely forgot where I was! I can move to another thread maybe?



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