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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I think right now you are pretty strong. I think we need to be thinking more about progression and overall set structure rather than just total sets. The thing that messes me up a bit is building a workout devoid of back squats. Not being critical mind's just the center of most things I do.

I think Fazc has a pretty decent approach. I don't want you to deadlift more than once per week, unless you're doing speed work, and I'm not certain how that fits into the strongman paradigm. Your time may be better spent with other things.

I like to test myself once a month (or once every 3 weeks), so perhaps you could use the last bench, deadlift or press set of each 5x5 once a month and do an all out set. If it's a strong effort, and 10 pounds to the lift next week (5 for bench or press)...something like that.

It's important to have progression nailed and when.

I should apologize. I didn't mean it like it sounded.
Not a problem buddy.

I think the biggest problems I'm facing are:

* How do I create 3 well rounded and equal routines to be performed at home each week now that I've moved deads and squats into the one day (which i thought was a good idea)?

* And more to the point, what back exercise(s) should I add to beef up my Pull routine, if I drop the 2nd lot of deads? Or should I maybe do my bicepz work on Pull day, if I am doing a suitable volume of lower back work on ME lower day?

* I've done what I thought was a good idea and prioritised OHPress over bench (to suit strongman training) but I've nonetheless still included some bench work and combined both into my Press routine. Is this not a good idea after all?

*If the Press routine as a concept is in fact solid, how many sets of each press should I do?

EDIT: you recommendations on when I should really bust a gut are taken on board too Steve - I kinda do it now, in that if I don't feel like I'm ready to really hit it hard on something like deads, I'll back off the weight a little bit that week/fortnight and increase reps.

EDIT EDIT: I'm now formulating a structure which will follow the 'Back with Biceps, Chest with Triceps' approach.



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