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I was thinking about this earlier this morning. MAB is one of the very few places left where "discussion" about training still occurs and occurs freely.

If a thread is started and the OP has found information relating to a certain aspect of training, people that subsequently add to the thread do not come out with direct negativity, they do not come out flaming...instead, they add what they have learned or know about the topic within the thread.

They all respect that there are many different viewpoints out there and that it isn't necessarily the case that one person has all the available knowledge about a certain aspect; but, rather, adding their own found/experieced knowlegde to the thread makes it a better thread with a lot more viewpoints brought to the fore.

I hope it reamins that way and never goes the route of so many other forums where the OP is considered an idiot, loser, etc...and where a view that has many sides that may not be know to the OP is seen as rubbish, stupid etc and subsequently dismissed without discussion.
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