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Originally Posted by Abaddon View Post
I am happy to reduce the volume of some exercises and increase the volume of others.
Good. More volume on the stuff that matters, is what I'm getting at.

Spart's been following a 4 way power split I've used with myself and a few other guys. He's on week 4-5 and continually making progress, he's just beaten his old Bench record quite comfortably and his form is feeling more secure on Deadlifts. The fact that he's progressing with such a high level of volume will allow him to *peak* his strength all the better. The idea, at least at the beginning, is to do a hell of a lot of volume on the main lifts. That gets you stronger, quickly and comfortable with the exercises.

EDIT - This is something I see a lot throughout with beginners that come through the 'strength' route. A complete lack of volume in the build up phases. They will typically have decent deadiifts, medicore squats but poor pressing and that pretty much stays the same untill they learn how to put the volume in. For all the good that McRobert/Hardgainer/HIT and whatever else did they did a complete disservice by preaching abbreviated routines right from the off to beginners.

When I see routines doing 1 top set of Deadlifts once a week, 1 top set of Benches I can't see how that is going to work long-term, it's soft training to me. You will probably see some minor improvement as your body peaks to show it's strength with such low volume but you'll get stuck fast.

You need to be putting the time in on the basics to get the results you want. Like I said at least 45 minutes of a 90 minute session should be devoted purely to doing set after set of the basic lifts. To that end, there needs to be much more space in your routine for a considerable amount of volume on the lifts you want to improve on.

I'm not angry while typing this, but you asked a question and I've followed your log long enough to care about your progress. Within the years you've been lifting and the bodyweight that you are I'd expect your ceiling of strength to be much higher but you're slowing yourself down with these routines.

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