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Originally Posted by big valsalva View Post
Yes, correct. This is my fourth straight 531 Cycle. Back in Spring and early Summer, 2010, I all but completed four cycles before I was diagnosed with oral cancer. The surgery, recovery, and self pity caused me to set lifting aside for a while.

Accessory routines. I initially picked from whatever Wendler suggested. At the outset (2010), I was concentrating on his suggested bodybuilding accessory lifts. Once upon a time I was doing a doggcrapp style routine. I used to (and may again in the future) incorporate dc style training in my accessory lifts. In case you're not familiar, doggcrapp training involves taking an exercise (let's say leg presses) to failure. Rest 10 seconds or so, and go to failre again. Repeat until you can't complete one good form rep. Certain exercises it works for. DO NOT ATTEMPT WITH SQUATS OR DEADLIFTS!!!!

It didn't take me long to figure out things for myself though. I am a firm believer in efficiency, and if I can acomplish just as much with less work, then fine. So, I've handpicked favorite exercises to incorporate into my routine. My goal is to bust my bum on the core lifts, and IF I have anything left in the tank, then I can add those lifts in. Usually it works out just fine. Sometimes I just do my main lift and go home. I'm fine with that, as long as the effort was put in on the one lift and the goal (increasing my projected 1RM) was acheived.

One thing I've found to work for me though is the BBB format on my bench press. It allows for some dynamic effort work every week, which is where my weak point is. I've got to work on exploding off the chest. So I do that. Treat every rep like a single. Slight pause - BLAST! I am careful to keep track of my projected 1RM after each and every workout so that I can see if I've progressed, and so I know what I need to do to keep progressing. It hasn't let me down yet. As I said, I like the BBB template for my BP. I can't imagine doing it with deads and squats. You seem to be making it work. More power to you. That's the beauty of the 531. No two people are alike. No two training logs are alike. Work hard on the core four, and have fun with the rest.

I will say that I've had so much success with BBB on bench press that I'm thinking about adding it to OHP as well.

Hope this helps.

Have a good time this weekend. Doing anything fun?
Thanks. We have more in common.

As for BBB on squats/deads....keep in my this is only my 1st cycle. It may get too much for me pretty quick. I hope not I like it. I will switch my accessory lifts next time mainly to emphasize the newer equipment at the gym. Since I got to basically pick what I wanted I better show everyone the benefits of GHR's for example.

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