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When I started, I was a weak, middle aged fat ass, with a very troubled lower back giving me a lot of pain. Had a physical checkup (including hormonal properties) and everything was within normal ranges (some higher, but a healthy higher), and was just told to get off my ass and lose some fatness. I was nearing 200lbs (at a small 5' 7", and had very little muscle underneath this fat tissue). Had a good set of man-boobs, trust me.

When I first began, I didnt know jack shit on how to lose fat tissue, let alone grow any muscle. I just reasoned......that this needed to be fixed first. To make this short, this is what I did, I just educated myself on what I wanted, in order to get started, and let my body tell me if I am doing the right or wrong things along the way, and teach me as I move along. If I didnt know something, I looked it up, and applied where necessary.

I had no training equipment, and didnt want to train in a gym (for a variety of personal reasons). So I bought OLY equipment, weights, etc, and set up a home gym.

I just set up calories (using Harris-Benedict) according to my personal particulars, but I didnt like the multiplier usage much, because my activities varied per day, and likewise calorie MT-Line would vary, and it (meaning Harris-Benedict) sort of blanketed calories per day according to the multiplier used. So I tweaked this a bit, after doing some studying on calorie expenditure (approximations) dependent on activity according to a persons particulars (age, sex, weight, etc). Afer configuring this, I just set the standard -500 calorie deficit from the MT-Line. Protein was set at about 1g per my total body weight, and I filled the rest mostly with carbohydrates, and the minor with fats. Had absolutely no trouble in gaining strength, losing fat tissue and progressing (in weight in the gym) for a least 6 to 10 months. It was an incredible period for running calorie deficits. But.....I know why this was occuring (read here for more information: Each calorie allotment were setup in 24 hour segments, which overlapped at regular intervals, and changed dependent on working hours (eveing or night shift for example).

No over the counter supps, exception was Whey Powder, Fish oil, and Fiber. Diet was high in fiber, protein was hard (long time digesting) meat. Didn't worry about meal frequency or meals before or after training. I just ensured I met my limitations within the 24 hour period. I fretted more about the larger picture than the trite little things. Drank lots of water during the day and during training. Changes in diet (eating habits, etc) occurred later when BF got low, and I started to have some plateau issues due to metabolic slow down.

For the most part of the start of my fitness (fat loss), I did a full body workout, and its was very traditional. Back Squats (lunges, step ups), Ham Curls, Calf-raises. Bench press, Military press, Decline tri-exentions, CGP's, Front/side/rear delt work, BOR (and T-bar rows), (no deads at the time, as my lower back was still giving problems at--the beginning), weighted pull-ups (underhand palm facing), and some cycle cardio 3 to 4 times weekly.

THIS IS a VERY BREIF description. But, I dropped over 40 pounds, and the result is in my PICS below where I ended up about 152/154 pounds, from nearly 200lbs of nearly ALL FAT, and the one to the right is the recent one.

The iron has PROVEN its worth to me, in an aging, declining middle aged man, and I will forever be grateful for its rather brutal honesty forever.
Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:

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