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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Any annoying sides to this stack? Like not sleeping for a week?
man when i was a fatty i did so many EC stacks and i love them honestly.

@op i dont get why you would do homemade? im not a chemist or a doctor but one reason i was picky with the ephedrine i bought was because i wanted it as basic as possible i didnt want it to have guaifenesin(reduces flem when have flu). Also you can buy Ephedrine DIRT cheap so saving money not issue.

@bendthebar EC has 1 bad side to it but sleeping isnt an issue because if you time your last dosage it wears off by time you sleep. The worst thing i experienced was after long period of EC taking it 3x-4x a day for a month was when you wake up you feel like you had a hangover you have worse headache and feel like absolute poo untill you take EC again. You get chest pains too but i just ignored them prob retarded.

but honestly EC > clen the sides from clen are hell compared to EC btw prob leave out the asprin from everyday use can get stomach ulsers unless you buy the right asprin google it.

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