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I had my cholesterol levels checkd around 4-5 years ago, can't recall why, but I was told it was high and given a dietary sheet to make changes; though, I was also told I was NOT in the high risk where was the point of the cholesterol check? Which is an interesting question.

You have high cholesterol...but, don't concern yourself, apart from altering diet and such, because, well, your high cholesterol taken into account with other factors, such as non-smoking, non-overweight etc...don't count anyway??

A very confusing message.

Anyway, the elderly neighbour (now deceased) informed me that his was 1/2 of mine and he'd still had a heart attack; he didn't want to worry me...yup, not what I wanted to hear, at the time. I went off and did research on poly/mono/sat fats and such and came to the conclusion that poly's were a big issue from all the studies I read during the following weeks, which is in direct contradiction to the diet sheets being handed out.
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