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Default Ideas on programming


i am still on my course with HLM but i need some good ideas regarding further programming.
i already discussed some parts of it with steve here some months ago.

my typical template is
H 3x3-5 3 min rest
M 3x8-10 2 min rest
L 2x15 1 min rest.

all sets across and whole body. 186cm. 88kg. 19%BF

2200 kcal on off days. 2700 on training days. 30 years old.

I workout 2 x the week the exercises are also programmed in a HLM manner (E.G.chest: H:dips /L:dumbbel benching flat/M: decline barbell bench)

I did the one above and progressed good on the M and L day.Average gain of 10 pounds after 5 weeks. The H day was difficult on progressing.
I deloaded after 5 weeks:I cut back to one set and 80% of the weight used on all days and build to 100% up over 3 rotations.

Now i am trying for one top set on the H L and M days.(ramped)

The questions-which could be discussed on HLM in genereal:

- Perhaps the H day is too seldom or heavy to let a good progression occur. (remember i work out 2x the week so a full HLM rotation lasts bout 10 days).
An option would be to shoot for a heavy set of 5-8 to avoid CNS burnout.

-Also when deloading/getting back to the old weights i need about 5 weeks because my H/L/M rotation is spread out over 10 days- thats damn long

-Is it neccessary to switch to a ramped set approach after doin sets across? (i did it to bring down the volume) Or would it be enough to switch out the exercises after stalling, deload and repeat the parameters?

Another thought of mine would be to combine one of the days with each other. Like H and L day. (like 3x3 bench followed by 2 higher rep sets)or H and M day (3x5 bench and 3x10 accessory dumbbel benching)

So my main problem is HOW the cycles NEED to differ between each other(paramters, exercises), combining them with a smart deload and if a combination of some days would better fit in my schedule.

How do you do it?


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