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Originally Posted by austin.j.taylor View Post
On 5/3/1 you need to compare your 5rm's, 3rm's and 1rm's across months, not weeks. For example, last month my 5rm for deadlift was 280x6, this month is 290X7.

If you can add weight to the bar every week, by all means do it. I cannot do that anymore and 5/3/1 has been a godsent for me lately.
Thats exactly the issue I was having. 5/3/1 is fantastic, but for a novice that can barely squat a bar with his bodyweight on it, adding weight weekly is still possible. I want to do that for as long as I can before I jump onto something more sophisticated with slower progression. I'm sorry my terminology irritated you, but I'm rather enjoying my new routine.
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